National History


Denmark was one of the founding countries of the international Les Clefs d’Or in 1952, a meeting that took place on April 25th at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes.  The meeting was hosted by legendary Chef Concierge Ferdinand Gillet of the Hotel Scribe, Paris.

But the Danish section of Les Clefs d’Or dates back to the first Concierge association of 1937.  The Golden Keys of Denmark was founded on 23rd January 1937 at Grand Café on Kongens Nytorv.

Previous Presidents:

1937-1938: R Weber

 1938-1954: Chr. Lisberg Larsen

1954-1970: Poul Krarup

1970-1977: Verner Lykke Larsen

1977-1993: Alfred K Andersen

1993-1996: Leif Kongslev

1996-2012: Arshad Khokhar

2012-2015: Anders Ruggiero

2015-2016: Christian Runge

2016-         : Uffe Sørensen

Copenhagen hosted the annual International Les Clefs d’Or congress in 1962, 1977 and 2008.

The only other Scandinavian country  to have hosted an international congress is Gothenburg in 1990.