The Concierge is one of the first persons you meet in a hotel.

Concierges do all kinds of conventional jobs in the hotels, and you can actually leave them with any type of service that you require and find that all is completed and done to your satisfaction while you were away attending to your business appointment or sightseeing adventure.

They will handle your mail and messages, make reservations for concerts and dinners, recommend tours, suggest restaurants and shopping locations, and guide you away from the local tourist traps.

But, it is usually with the unusual that they really shine. They are travel consultants, personal and business expediters, confidential secretaries, and handymen.

Because they specialize in so many areas, they can advise or help solve virtually every problem that might beset the international traveler. Over the years, they have developed a network of acquaintances, friends, and contacts ranging from the civilian sector to the government arena – all-willing to help them and, through them, guide you.

Concierges operate in larger, international hotels.  They must have a pleasant and welcoming appearance, must be able to assist all types of local and international guests and have a gift of good observation skills and a keen sense of humour.

Many Concierges start their hotel careers as bell-staff or in the Reception.  They work their way up through the Front Office of a hotel, and are often taken on as apprentices by a Concierge who will train them to become full-time Concierges.  Eventually, the young stars can apply as international Les Clefs d’Or members.