History of Les Clefs d’Or

In history the key to the house was given into the doorkeeper´s charge. He bid the guests welcome by arrival and covered their requirements. During the 12th century the hall porter became a fact in Europe´s castles and palaces where he possessed a very important position in the establishment the following centuries. Then and now his job was to welcome and assist the guests during their stay.

Today the Concierge carries on the historic traditions on the castles and palaces of our times, the luxury-hotels.

In 1952 the international department of “Les Clefs d´Or” was founded by legendary Parisian, Managing Concierge Ferdinand Gillet, Schibes Hotel Paris.

Over the years the organization has grown much bigger holding 3,111 members covering 32 nations.

The network´s spirit of service-oriented Concierges expresses itself by the motto: “Service through friendship”.

The crossed golden keys at the Concierge´s jacket label are shaping the symbol of “Les

Clefs d´Or”, and demonstrate a professionally trained Concierge with extended contacts to the city´s – well, often the world´s facilities. They possess a professional training and are fully qualified of guidance, information and councelling in as well common as difficult

The next time you visit Copenhagen as a hotel guest, please look for the golden keys for exceptional service!

Once a year the international members leave their places to participate
in the annual international conference, where they:

– will be updated on the latest developments in the hotel industry

– meet old friends and make new acguaintances

– increase their international network.

All of it to endavour a better service for the guests in a domestic hotel atmosphere.

The Danish section numbering app. 100 members – Concierges, receptionists- and student receptionists, represent more than 35 Copenhagen-based hotels.

Lately the number of members has increased rapidly due to the board members´ tireless effort . Through their capacities bridges between generations have been built and besides that they have been successful in keeping the club on the front edge of the world as well.

The Golden Keys is a social association gathering frontoffice-staff from various hotels with the purpose of making acquaintances and to exchange ideas and experiences in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. In order to train the members´ skills the club also organizes workshops and seminars.

– All of it to assist the hotel guest in the best possible way through the network!