President’s Welcome

Welcome to Les Clefs d’Or Denmark.

We are a non-profit organisation based on friendship between our members and partners.  Our aim is to give members knowledge and experiences of Copenhagen and nearby attractions.

Les Clefs d’Or is a world-wide organisation with more than 4.000 Concierges wearing the symbol of the crossed keys on their uniform. In Denmark we have 15 Concierges with the magic keys, all representing their hotel and Les Clefs  d’Or, offering the high service standards and morale of our organisation as everyone else who wear the keys.

As a partner to LCD Denmark you have the opportunity to reach the front line members in hotels, both Concierges and Front Desk. We all face thousands of guests yearly and influence them with our expertise in opportunities for a memorable stay in our country. We daily recommend and book restaurants, sightseeing, transportation and much more that a tourist can think of and ask for.


I have proudly served as President of Les Clefs d’Or Denmark since 2016 and participated in our amazing international congresses in Mendoza, Dubai, Berlin, Seoul and most recently in Cannes.

I hope our association can help and inspire others in the hotel industry, and everyone is welcome to contact me or one of the members of the board with ideas, new opportunies, comments and questions.


In friendship,

Uffe Sørensen

Nimb Hotel, Copenhagen